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AMMO BACK IN STOCK: 9mm, Hornaby 12GA SLUG, 45LC, 223 REM, Hornaby 6.8mm SPC, 40 S&W RIPM Fiocchi 223, 6.5 CREEDMORE, 45 AUTO, 224, 158GR, 00 12 Gauge Buck. Limit 1 box per customer.
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- Bay Boat

Toughest Bay Boat on the MarketCustomers prefer the Excel Bay Pro for many reasons - smooth ride and the only .160 thick hull in the industry. The Bay Pro’s Excelleration™ Pad Hull is engineered to provide the highest degree of performance, stability, handling and seaworthiness. Meticulous detail differe ...

MSRP: $49,992.00
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Stock #: 34W-8163-LGF391
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- Duck Boat

The original step deck transom boat. This shallow water F4 hull was designed to obtain optimal performance from a surface-drive motor such as a Mud Buddy. The F4’s slick bottom glides over skinny water, logs, mud and vegetation with ease and with the least bit of resistance. The tapered chine provides unparallele ...

MSRP: $32,052.00
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Stock #: LG22-08225-GM2526
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The Excel Pro Hull is a culmination of many years of duck boat ingenuity and this step deck is indeed designed to be what duck hunters want - light, tough and quick. The Pro Hull open hull design with reinforced floor will take you into those redfish and duck hunting extreme shallow water areas with ease. It runs shallower, ...

MSRP: $29,149.00
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Stock #: CW20-08223-LG2324
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Explore the BackwatersThis is how it all started with Excel; by building the toughest and simply the best-built duck boat made. Heavy-duty gunwhales can take a beating from timber. The (optional) KIK-UP™ transom’s dual heavy-duty gas shocks help absorb impact subjected to your lower unit in surprise enco ...

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Stock #: OC14-07880-OD1718
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