Financing at Acres Outdoors

For most of us, the thought of going through the financing process is not the least stressful of thoughts. But at Acres Outdoors, we try to take some of the stress out of it.

Our focus is on helping our customers.  One way we do this is by having a friendly F&I (Finance and Insurance) specialist work with you in during the buying process to help take care of your financing needs.  We can do this either in coordination with your local bank or credit union, or through our connections with national lenders.

If you choose for us to work with you through our national lenders, we review your credit application and credit bureau report to determine the right lender match for your financial situation.  We continue to work with the appropriate lender to help arrange financing that meets your needs and monthly payment goals.  Our F&I specialist is your advocate in financing and will also be the person who communicates the lender’s terms, APR and exact payment to you.

With a large purchase, such as an RV or boat, we want to make sure you have the information you need to make decisions to improve your overall ownership experience.  To help here, we want to help make sure you are informed of any protection products or services that might be of value to you.  We’ll help you understand the options available to you in connection with your purchase, so you can make an informed decision regarding those options.  

We only offer products and services we have evaluated to provide outstanding value for our customers.  However, when helping you, we don't try to push product on you, but focus on explaining the products and coverage based on what you have expressed as your wants, needs, and concerns. Whether it be protection service plans for your RV or boat, GAP, Tire & Wheel protection etc.; we want you to be comfortable making your choices.

Our focus is on meeting your needs; improving your buying experience and improving your ownership experience.  Let us know if we can help!