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AMMO BACK IN STOCK: 9mm, Hornaby 12GA SLUG, 45LC, 223 REM, Hornaby 6.8mm SPC, 40 S&W RIPM Fiocchi 223, 6.5 CREEDMORE, 45 AUTO, 224, 158GR, 00 12 Gauge Buck. Limit 1 box per customer.
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- Bay Boat

Toughest Bay Boat on the MarketCustomers prefer the Excel Bay Pro for many reasons - smooth ride and the only .160 thick hull in the industry. The Bay Pro’s Excelleration™ Pad Hull is engineered to provide the highest degree of performance, stability, handling and seaworthiness. Meticulous detail differe ...

MSRP: $49,992.00
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Stock #: 34W-8163-LGF391
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- Duck Boat

The original step deck transom boat. This shallow water F4 hull was designed to obtain optimal performance from a surface-drive motor such as a Mud Buddy. The F4’s slick bottom glides over skinny water, logs, mud and vegetation with ease and with the least bit of resistance. The tapered chine provides unparallele ...

MSRP: $32,052.00
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Stock #: LG22-08225-GM2526
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Explore the BackwatersThis is how it all started with Excel; by building the toughest and simply the best-built duck boat made. Heavy-duty gunwhales can take a beating from timber. The (optional) KIK-UP™ transom’s dual heavy-duty gas shocks help absorb impact subjected to your lower unit in surprise enco ...

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Stock #: OC14-07880-OD1718
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